Industrial & Research Experience

I have served in the industry for over 11 years before resuming postgraduate studies; and also gained experience nurturing a small robotics startup company. These have allowed me to understand the subtleties of delivering industrial scale products & standardized solutions for various niche areas. The experience imparted virtues of team work, pressure management and striving for success whilst nourishing skills of reliable system development.

But the desire to gain advanced knowledge research in the field of robotics never went away. In all this time, self-learning, part-time post-graduate level as well as online courses helped in developing advanced understanding of the vast domain and directed me towards my passion.

Work Experience

  • PresentJan 2019

    PhD (Core field: Computer Vision)

    UTP PETRONAS (Malaysia) and INSA (France)

  • Feb '18Nov '17


    About: Humense is a Australian Startup that creates high quality 3D capture of people and places for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.

    Job Description (Part-time/Project based): Developing smart solutions to unique problems related to Multi-Kinect 3D reconstruction for VR (Virtual Reality) application

  • Oct 2017Jan 2016

    MSc. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

  • 20162015

    Scifacterz (Startup venture) Co-Founder & CTO

    Started in 2014, Scifacterz was a Robotics Startup venture centered on cutting edge projects in various domains. The main project was “NBE (Non Biological Entity); an opensource, low cost, research platform which doubles as a feature packed Home Service Robot”. We were the first round favourites for ”Robot Launch 2014”, the first global startup competition for robotics held by in collaboration with Silicon Valley Robotics (Website)

  • 20142005

    Manager (Mechatronics)

    Various research positions in the industry with a combination of Mechanical, Electronics Design research and documentation responsibilities.

Extra Curricular and Pro-Bono

  • 20112010

    Hardware Reviewer / Blogger

  • 20112007

    Lead Server Administrator

    Micronet Broadband Pvt Ltd. ,

    * (Voluntary lead gaming server and forum management)

Workshops & Invited Talks

  • 20142022

    Invited talk: “Non Biological Entity: A feature rich mobile robotic platorm”

    7th International Workshop on Field and Assisvtie Robotics (WFAR-7), held at FAST NUCES Campus, Lahore, Pakistan in October 2014 in collaboraon with DAAD, Germany and University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

  • 20122022

    3rd German-Pakistani Workshop on Field & Assistive Robotics

    LUMS School of Science & Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan in November 2012 in collaboration with DAAD, Germany and University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

  • 20102022

    Workshop on Robotics Cognitive Systems

    Islamic Internaonal University January 2010 , Islamabad held in collaboration with Paderborn University, Germany.